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After reinstalling the operating system can neither discover nor import the files into Outlook PST (incoming and outgoing). After appropriate instruction program simply creates an empty folder in the Personal folder tree window. The data files were created on a different drive than the system so that they are preserved.
I’m Windows XP, Office 2007.
What to do?

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Have you tried copying the original files to were the new ones were creat ed?
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You may get back your .pst file data via following resources in case the guide below can't solve your issue

http://community.office365.com/en-us/f/ ... 62226.aspx
https://www.openfiletool.com/pstopen.html PST Open File Tool

• By clicking the option called File and then Exit, you need to close the Microsoft Outlook application that is open.
• Then you need to go to the bottom left corner of your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer and click the button called Start. This will bring up the Windows Start menu on your computer. In to search box that is seen within the Windows Start menu, you need to enter Scanpst.exe followed by pressing the key called Enter using the keyboard. This will help you to search for the Scanpst.exe program stored in your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer. If you are using the older versions of Windows like Windows XP, you need to click the Startbutton, and then Search.
• By double clicking the Scanpst.exe file seen in the search window, you need to open the Inbox repair utility tool that is in-built in your program.
• If the PST file that you are looking for is not automatically presented, you need to use the Browse button seen in the Inbox repair tool window to find the PST file. Then browse to the folder that has your name inside the Users folder. Then browse to the folder named AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook inside the user name folder.
• Now, you need to double click the file that ends with a .PST extension. If you are using an older version of Windows operating system, then you need to browse to the folder named Documents and Settings that has your user name. Then go to the folder Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook and look for your .PST file.
• By clicking the Start button seen in the Inbox repair tool window, the program will start scanning your PST file for errors and if it finds any issues, it will automatically fix them.
• By clicking the option called Repair when prompted, you need to repair the PST files.
• After the completion, you need to close Outlook and the Inbox repair tool. Now, restart your Outlook 2003 application.
The above said instructions will help you to repair PST files in Outlook 2003.

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