Pollen Filter Change Diesel by Arctic

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I think most of us know how much of a struggle it is to change the pollen filter on our R75 & MG ZT cars,so the last time I change mine I took a few photo's which I hope may help other members.

The diesel is a bit more of a struggle i think than the petrol engine cars, this is due to the size of the ECU (Engine Control Unit) & box it sits in below the front scuttle passenger N/S of the car looking from the front.

Make sure you have the right pollen filter for the job, OEM if you prefer them or a good quality aftermarket one fig 1

You will need to remove the outer grill scuttle panel fig2

You will first have to pull off the rubber weather strip fig 3

Now press the two tabs at the front edge of the outer scuttle panel fig 4

Lift off the outer panel and put it safe for later fig 5

Next step is to remove the plastic scrivet from the front of the scuttle panel fig 6/7


You next need to remove the first three clips at the rear of the scuttle panel fig 8/9/10



Lift up the front of the scuttle panel so you can remove the inner water shield panel fig 11/12/


Slide out the water shield carefully fig 13

With the water shield removed this will give you access to the ECM, if you look you will see a brown clip holding the wires, with along screw driver prise this open fig 14

Now the next step is you have to remove the ECM from it's bracket so you can feed it through the scuttle opening where the water shield was fig 15

Lift the ECM with it's box out and free from the bracket fig 16

On the back of the protective box you will see the two locating lugs which fit into the bracket in the plenum chamber, fig 17

Note the right lug is longer a straight this is to help guide the ECM back into the bracket later the left side should find it's own place as you lower it in place Fig 18

The bracket showing the side the ECM box should fit on when replacing fig 19

Now lets remove the wiring harness from the brown clip we undid earlier fig 20

you can pull the brown clip from it's bolt as it only pushes on fig 21

We are now ready to remove the dirty or damaged pollen filter, there are three fixing points at the top of the pollen filter box left fig 22

Right as here which need to be lifted up to release the pollen filter fig 23

Also the one in the middle top fig 24

Once the fixing points are lifted the pollen filter will pull forward, this pic shows further into the plenum chamber fig 25

With the top fixing point lifted you can now pull forward and lift out the pollen filter at an angle fig 26

Now the pollen filter as been remove you can inspect and clean the chamber by wiping out or hovering out any debris fig 27

Before you fit the clean new pollen filter note the tow slots cut out of the bottom of the pollen filter case fig 28/29


if you look on the new pollen filter there will be two fixing lugs which fit into the slots in the case when re-fitting the filter fig 30/31


You are now ready to fit the new filter again offer it to the chamber at an angle making sure the ECM is well out of the way and also the wiring loom is not in your way if so hold it back fig 32

Once you have it level you will be able to fit it into the case quite easy fig 33/34


You can push home the filter two ways bottom first reach in and make sure the lugs have located into the slots at the bottom fig 35

Or you can locate the top points then reach in and locate the lugs into the slots which ever you find easier for your self Fig 36

Next refit the brown clip you took of earlier this push back onto it's bolt fig 37/38


Lock in the wiring loom as before taking out the ECM fig 39

The last step is to lower the ECM in and onto the bracket remember keep it level and use the right long lug as the guide fig 40

You can now close up by refit the water shield and outer scuttle panel etc good luck enjoy the job, take your time and it should all go well for you cheers Arctic.

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Bermudan 75
An excellant 'How To' Steve, could site admin add this to the 'How To' section as a PDF so it can be down loaded?



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Excellent job Arctic. I did mine last weekend and it is very tight in there, as your pics show. I must admit that I removed the whole scuttle panel for more room, but then I didn't have your 'how to'. How on earth do you get in there to take those pictures?

Just out of interest, Jules replaced my filter three years ago and although I had only done about 13,000 miles, it was filthy, so if you haven't changed it for some time, be warned. I think it is the combination of dust and the damp atmosphere, rather than the amount of miles you do. Jules also fitted his plenum mod and I have your mod as well. I know my mileage is low and that my car is always garaged, but I was pleased to find that the plenum chamber was bone dry.


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Top marks that man - well done, an excellent easy to follow how-to.
Ex-Longbridge track monkey.

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Wish I had seen that before I struggled for ages last year. LOL. Great How To. :-)

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