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So what are peoples opinions on this:

What car would you reccomend someone to buy? It would be used for a daily commute but not much else. Needs to be reliable, and economical as the two prime requirements. A 75 diesel might fit the bill, but with clutches and thermostats to contend with, maybe something else would be better as they will need to do a lot of miles. Also, low mileage ones are still relatively pricy.

My thoughts were maybe a 25 or 45 diesel. Certainly not as nice as one of our cars, but would you reccomend one to someone to put interstellar miles on? I had a 420 diesel from 10k miles to 130k miles and was pretty impressed.

Or would anyone suggest something else?

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Something from a manufacturer that still exists would be my first suggestion - harsh but manufacturer support for parts is pretty key

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I understand what you mean, but does anyone have any more problems getting parts for our cars than for other makes?

Oh, and while asking, what about a petrol and LPGing it? How would that compare?

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Wifey had a 420 diesel turbo then a 620 diesel turbo with aircon and all the extras, cheap to run and repair by comparison to the 75.
The 420/45s are better on mpg but the 600s drive better IMHO and are "cheap" for a runaround.

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I had a 220sdi - absolutely brilliant! Almost 60 mpg and lotsa fun!

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A 1994 ish Citroen ZX 1.9 diesel. No ECU (Engine Control Unit), no sensors, 55 plus MPG, and loads of spares if you need any.. Body galvanised when new. And if you get the turbo, they are one of the fastest lil hatchbacks around.. :)

Posted 11 Sep 2011, 17:24 #6 

Ragman wrote:Something from a manufacturer that still exists would be my first suggestion - harsh but manufacturer support for parts is pretty key

That will be a Saab then :mrgreen:

As for clutches on the 75 (do I really want to say this????? here goes)

I bought my car at 92k and it had a new clutch at 72k. It now has 202k, tows and the clutch is still fine. However, I do not use the clutch and engine to slow down - that is what the brakes are for and far cheaper and easier to replace.

Yve has a face lifted 45 bought at 9200 miles and the difference between it is best shown by closing the doors.

Also with the 75s you can use an inline thermostat.

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