No do not drink and drive ads by JohnDotCom

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I see the Government are to save a few more million pounds this year with not putting on any TV adverts to try and stop people from drinking and driving as not reaching the right people.

I know what they mean though, a local alcoholic who has been banned from driving twice so far, said he has never seen said adverts other years as they are always on when he was in the pub!
That was a answer he gave in court, so they don't, as they say reach their target audience.

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Posted 13 Dec 2010, 23:08 #1 

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The "target audience", I understand, is male and female in the early twenties age group. Interesting ;)

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I've noticed a number of adverts in pubs at the moment targeting all ages by the looks of it. Usually revolving around sayings such as "What will your last order be? A taxi?" followed by the normal "If you've had a drink - don't drive" message. I think by placing them in the pubs at "ground zero" as it were the effect they have will hopefully be increased.

Posted 14 Dec 2010, 15:10 #3