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I have a Post Office 'Box' which I use for my business mail - basically this means that my mail is put on a shelf at the sorting office and I collect it 2 or 3 times a week.

Up until last year I paid around £60 per annum for this 'service' .

Last year it went up to £100.

Just had the invoice for this year and they now want £170. YES £170!!!

That's a bloody 280% rise over 2 years for God sake!!!!!

I mean, every letter I receive has a stamp on it and they don't even have to complete the delivery process to earn the stamp value - I do the last bit for them by collecting it from the sorting office and they charge me £170!!!!!

The sooner Royal Mail is not a Monopoly the better.

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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That is a ridiculous increase. Have you complained to them about it and asked for an explanation for it?

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Seems to me they really don't want your business, is it possible for you to make alternate arrangements. Do you have a friend or colleague with a business premises you could collect from. Might even be free, apart from the obvious addressing changes.

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The rise is the published price - non-negotiable for any business.

I have written a somewhat sarcastic letter - it will do no good other than to make me feel slightly better . . .

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I can visualise the letter now. Hope it helped.

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Several visits a week from Basil and they only charge him £170 a year for that? Dammit, they operate like a charity for accommodating grumpy 1.8 75 owners.... :lol:

Cheer up least you have your own shelf... :thumbsup:

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Humpf. 8-)

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change your house name/number to a po box number ;)

IE: PO box 99 Acacia Avenue
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Now that's an idea . . .

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takestock wrote:change your house name/number to a po box number ;)

IE: PO box 99 Acacia Avenue

Or simply name your house pobox, like some people call theirs dunroamin and so on.

pobox, 99 Acacia avenue

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It certainly does seem an excessive increase.

However, I wonder how much PO business is shrinking. A PO branch near where I work at one time required a long wait in a queue to be served. Now, very often there is no one or at worse a couple of people waiting.

Companies are switching to other providers with the PO being used just for the actual delivery.

What does not help is the unions wanting to carry on as it was in the 'good old days'. Just think of how much business has been lost due to the internet, texting etc.


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