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Had to happen I suppose ;)

Rob and I have been kicking this around for a while and the rest of the nanomeeters AKA "The Usual Suspects" have been consulted and all agree it would be a good idea to have a NATIONAL Nano-Meet.

This thread is for ideas please. We all know that the Nano-Meet idea works but this would be the most challenging to produce and would afford the best possible chance of a national 'work on our cars' meet with the active blessing of the owners of the venue, which would be Four Ashes near Wolverhampton.

The basic idea is this:-

We know that some people travel a fair distance to get to the Nano-Meets as they stand but how would it be if we arranged a whole weekend? Maybe people from further afield might see it as a meet worth attending.

We would start with a meet and greet on the Friday afternoon / evening and a meal in the Four Ashes pub on the Saturday evening. The format of the remainder of the weekend is one of the things we would like ideas for please.

We could either have a two day session for working on the cars. That would be quite some event. Anybody who has attended a Nano-Meet in the past will agree, I hope, that even in a one day event, a tremendous amount of work gets done :) With a two day event, anything that doesn't get finished on the Saturday could be safely left over until the Sunday :mrgreen:

Alternatively, we could organize a day-trip for the Saturday, if anybody thought that would be a good idea, with the working day on Sunday as has been the case in the past.

OR, we could have a combination of both. This is where we need input from people who would like to attend please.

In common with previous Nano-Meets held at Four Ashes, camping and car@vanning pitches would be free as would the use of the shower facilities, for Friday and Saturday nights.

If you are not keen on the great outdoors (even in the pub grounds ;) ), there are several motels in the area and at least one very pleasant and reasonably priced B & B.

How it will work all depends upon what people want to do. As usual, families are welcome.

A date for the weekend would also need to be decided upon, with the middle of Summer being the favourite idea at the moment, July or August perhaps. Again, we'd need people to express their preferences.

If anybody out there doesn't know what goes on at a Nano-Meet, please do a search of the Community and Club fora and you'll soon get the idea :lol: Alternatively, ask me or Rob or Mick or Lyndon or Duncan or David or Bernard or, indeed, anybody who has been to a Nano-Meet :)

It should go without saying but I've been asked to just remind people:- The nanomeeters are an ecumenical bunch and the Nano-Meets are not affiliated to any particular forum or other group. All are welcome but it would probably assist if you had a Rover 75, MGZT, or at least a liking for the cars :lol:

In addition, each car owner remains, at all times, in charge of and takes responsibility for, his or her own car. You decide how many parts of your car you'd like to see ripped apart by an enthusiastic bunch of nutters :)

Well, that's the bare bones of it so...

Anybody interested?

Anybody got any ideas?

Ideally we'd like to get date and format firmed up as soon as we can so that people can start planning.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Have to admit it's always surprised me how willing people I've never even met before, are willing to have their car ripped apart by this particular over enthusiastic nutter! I've not done ierrepairable damage yet, though I think I was close when I took an immobilser apart......

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I can't see the point of doing anything else except get on with the work on the cars and the associated chat, quite frankly.
There are plenty of car meets and visits available all the time but the nano-meet concept is unique.
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TOO FAR SOUTH :lol: :lol: :gmc:
Seriously though I'd be up for either format as I like a road trip but also enjoy the atmosphere of the sacred Nano, not wanting to sit on the fence but I'll go with the flow as long as there's food involved :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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I will be up for part of it, can't do whole weekend though.

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Depending on when it is I would definitely be up for attending and helping out in any way I can :)

Problem from June onwards there are quite a few different car meets pencilled in already.


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Hi Paul,

Been talking with Rob about it 'over there' I think (to use the Vernacular of us 'youths') it's a 'well good' idea!

As I've suggested to Rob - could the Saturday be split so those who wanted to work on their cars could, and those who wanted to do a trip, likewise? (Cadbury's museum?)

I think perhaps would be good - June and July are looking busy already and although part of me thinks stuff it, to perhaps avoid the grievences expressed by certain members over there - that it should be kept comfortably away from the 'national' to prevent a 'nationalgate' esque debate.

Just a few thoughts?


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DeuxGazoles wrote:TOO FAR SOUTH :lol: :lol: :gmc:
Seriously though I'd be up for either format as I like a road trip but also enjoy the atmosphere of the sacred Nano, not wanting to sit on the fence but I'll go with the flow as long as there's food involved :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

the south pole is not to far for you :D

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I am in as ever but i dont think swmbo will take kindly to me asking her to cook 100+ bacon sandwiches so the Fours Ashes it will likely be, food available at the pub, transport cafe up the road and plenty of other eating places and takeaways if needed.

I like the idea of a trip somewhere on the Saturday then back to the Ashes for some socialising, always up for a convoy of these great motors.

Maybe we should also have a boot sale of all bits for our cars.
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Sounds good to me. :)

How about Saturday as a do-as-you-like day with Sunday a messing-with-cars day? But make it clear than it's not cast in stone, i.e. no ones going to mind what you do really??

Personally i would prob only attend on the Sunday, and at the moment my cars fine so it would be a social; call (heh heh) from me.. :roll:

Having said that I am perfectly capable of swapping mirrors, removing door cards, changing EG.R, PC.V's etc or simply making coffees, whatever, innit.. :D

PS I don't visit museums as I have a problem getting out again.. :roll: :lol:

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Come on you nanomeeters, let Rob and Paul have your thoughts on this venture of a NATIONAL- Nano Meet.

75ZTCommunity forum and it's associated admins have no stake in this at all. This is as it has always been, an independent meet devised by some of the most enthusiastic and passionate owners to assist members of all denominations, repair and upgrade their cars. We, the forum owners will always support any venture by any members in any way we can for and on behalf of 75 and ZT owners.
There is no charge for this service, it is for the love of the marques and respect for the people that own them.

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Fully agree with above.
Will try to attend one of the days, once date sorted can advise further.
The Nano meets to me beat anything else. Nothing to fix? Come along and chat, eat and be merry.
We welcome everyone to these independent meets, we go because we enjoy them and meeting people.

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Mick wrote:75ZTCommunity forum and it's associated admins have no stake in this at all.

Where, by who? (whom? in case that's better grammar).

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Duncan wrote:
Mick wrote:75ZTCommunity forum and it's associated admins have no stake in this at all.

Where, by who? (whom? in case that's better grammar).

I have deleted my comment , as inappropriate and possibly unfounded, thank you for picking up on it. ;)

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I Should be at these meetings, always adding my two penneth, great time to be had socially and free sharing of experience (and experiences :D) is mandatory :)

As For catering, the usual thing to do once numbers are known is to invite outside mobile caterers to attend. You can also invite people with bouncy castles etc (for the kids) to attend to make one of thew days family friendly and in doing that they have their insurance policies etc. An area or a recognition that people will be bringing spares to sell etc would be a superb idea.

It really depends on what people want this to grow into. :)
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World domination! :lol: I'd be happy to pop down again.Great weekend :clap:

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I really like the idea, as with the Pride of Longbridge Nano weekend it means there is something taking place all weekend. This is good I think for two reasons:

1) The main cost of the Nano (for me) and I am sure others from further afield is fuel. By having a weekend long event it will mean that it becomes better value for money if you like.
2) As has already been stated by others, more can be done on a weekend rather than one day.

With regards to the name, I couldn't give a dam what it's called. What about the 'Great', 'Grande' or 'Big' Nano :P :lol:
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Ah Lewis me lad. Reminds me, are you going to give Barnaby his car back or what? poor new chaps runnin about in a Volvo innit!! tsk tsk , can't have that can we ole bean.. :roll:

Posted 24 Mar 2011, 19:12 #18 

we would be up for this as well

Posted 24 Mar 2011, 23:17 #19 

I'm up for this depending on dates as I'm away a bit through June and end of August, with some various weekends throughout. I shall endeavour to come and bring the T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) :)

Posted 25 Mar 2011, 12:30 #20 

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