Music dinosaur or nothing has replaced by PaulT

Saturday evening I was looking on Wikipedia at some of the groups etc from the past that I liked – indeed have some of their LPs and in some cases a lot of their LPs.

Looking at the likes of:

The Flock
It’s A Beautiful Day
Jefferson Airplane
Rory Gallagher
Alice Cooper
The Who
Baker Gurvitz Army
Status Quo
Al Stewart
Sutherland Brothers and Quiver
Deep Purple


Now a number of groups I was introduced to by …….. is it OK now to say this ……… Radio Caroline when it was bobbing about in the North Sea playing superb album tracks. I know they are now a ‘legal’ internet and satellite based station but it just does not seem the same. And the era I am referring to it was illegal to mention their name. My name is also probably on a Home Office list somewhere as I subscribed to a fan club and the mail was opened by the authorities before delivery.

Now I know that people are raving over the likes of Elbow of whom I have not heard a single track.

From the list above are there any modern groups I should listen to, or is it a case of nothing has replaced the groups of the 60s and 70s with many still performing albeit with normally changed lineups?

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Oooh that's a tough one!

I think sadly the majority of music today is pretty generic and average. Although of the 'youth of today' my Zune comprises mainly of either 80's new romantics or 70's prog rock (Namely Gabriel era Genesis and Pink Floyd)

A few modern bands that spring to mind would be as follows: (Favourite songs of each I've posted youtube links up for:

Snow Patrol (All their albums are good)
This song came on the radio when I drove my first ZT for the first time! ... er&list=UL
Another good one - although I'll admit the 250 GTO soundtrack from Rendezvous is better! ... re=related

Editors (The back room, their first album is my favourite)

Maybe also some killers, Hot Fuss was their first album where this is from: ... re=related
later works:

Arcade Fire could be another port of call:

Just a few suggestions!

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Not a bad selection there Jake. If you are into 80's electronic, you could look up Calvin Harris as he is making music now of this type.

For anyone, a 'not bad' way to hear some of the more modern, but not neccessarily trendy music is Later on the BBC. I don't like JH himself, but the mix of music is usually pretty good. In my opinion, BBC 6 music is also a good mix that tends to avoid the trendy 'x factor in the jungle with celebrity stars in their eyes' type of junk that is all too common elsewhere.

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That's pretty much what I would have suggested there. If all else fails have a ferret around for old bands releasing new albums. The latest albums from both Quo and Magnum are worth a listen in my opinion. is also worth a look and their radio stations pretty good, a good mix of new and old.

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