More Roverron's synergy and Maf thoughts by stroheim

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:( I suspect that my CDTi is getting a little sluggish I have the Roverron's box with the maf side turned off with the bosch MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor). I decided to switch on the MAF side to compensate any deterioration and there seems to be an improvement although this maybe the placebo effect with my :whump: lead foot on testing.
I am pondering now to get a peirburg or even a bosch as my MAF has done 65K I have read that Ron's box with the peirburg seems to work well

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I would get the MAF checked 1st.

Might just be that you got used to the performance you had.
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Hi thanks for the reply, I been travelling today with the switch on the Maf side on Ron's box and turned to the medium setting and there is a a better response/torque so that must confirm that my Maf is going out of spec

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You need to set a datum... I.E. Find a straight bit of road, pref on a hill, then do some test runs at various speeds and establish some landmarks that the car reaches at certain speeds..

E.G. On my local Mway, if I am doing 40 MPH at the top of the sliproad, then booting it, I should be doing 70 mph by the time I pass under the 2nd bridge.

Note:- My local Mway slopes uphill toward the East and that's the bit I test my cars on.. If I do the above test in my ZX then the car will struggle to reach 70 mph before I crest the hill. But if I use the gears manually and keep the revs well up, I can get it up to 85 mph over the same distance.. :thumbsup:

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Hi thanks, going to try and get a datum run with the maf switch on and off. I have noticed the lower end improvement since I have switched it on and can drive at 30 in top reasonably smoothly. I regularly clean the maf with Malpins switch cleaner. I have an oil inpregnated air filter which has been on the car for 30k and I cleaned and re-oiled with the correct oil and instructions from the manufacturers about 10K ago and I note there is some issues about possible oil contamination of the MAF but these filers seem to be popular,so I thinking I may go back to the OEM filter.

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