May need 4 18" straights & tyres collecting from B'ham by takestock

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Could anybody help me out if I do? They seem too good to be true so I have taken a chance but would like to get them away from the seller ASAP.
i would be able to send anyone who collects them cash in advance via paypal obviously :)
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Where abouts Dave?

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I'm quite close as well Dave.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Thanks Gents, I provisionally purchased these ... _919wt_932

Sounded too good to be true. Had a think about it and decided it wasn't fair to put the onus on anyone to pass judgement on them. Just got back after a 220 mile around trip.
Had to meet the seller at a garage forecourt which I wasn't happy about?? Anyway the ZT was on a car transporter just behind the garage and the wheels on the floor next to it. two of the tyres are 225 40 18 and two are 225 45 18. all are budget tyres none have more than 4mm two are down to 1mm on the shoulders. two of the rims are medium kerbed. All in all a pretty poor sight after the description in the ebay add. I was really annoyed and simply said they were no good to me. "but i've spent nearly an hour taking them off mate" one of the youthful sellers said. "And I will have driven over four hours and half a tank of diesel due to your description of them" was my reply. The look in his eye at that point prompted me to get in lock my door and leave. :)

I see they are now re advertised with good tyres 5-6 mm of tread, more accurate but still untrue and no mention of the kerbing or odd sizes
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Shall we all contact them and ask if they're kerbed at all, and are the tyres all the same size, and what size millimetres have they used?

Did you ask if the ignition lock was for sale Dave? :D

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