leaking roof by big baz 03

big baz 03
Hi every one just joined and i was hoping someone could help me i have a 75 conn saloon on a 05 plate had it from new and love it just had it remaped to tow a caravan realy pleased with result but the problem is it has sprung a leak i think it is from the sun roof the nearside roof and door pillar are soaked it also drips on passenger seat can any one help me out cheers Baz

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Hi, The drains for the sunroof could be blocked or detached, they are at the rear corners of the opening, I don't have one so cannot give any further advice. I'm sure someone that has had one to pieces will be along as the day goes on.

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big baz 03
Thank"s Mick will take a look when it stops raining !

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Found some more info, there are drains in each corner, front and rear.
"If you open the sunroof fully, there should be a drain in each corner. The front comes out behind the front wheels and the rear comes out behind the rear wheels."
You can check by pouring some water into the each drain and seeing how much comes out. This will tell you which one is at fault, if any.

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big baz 03
cheers mate front nearside blocked cleaned out will try it fingers crossed

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Possibly the same as mine.
The fix.
First remove sun visor, then grab handle.
You will then be able to gently pull roof lining down to be able to see corner of sun roof were the drain pipe exits, I pulled this off then cleaned and dryed both rubber pipe and plastic pipe it attaches to.
Then I put some sealer on plastic section, the refitted the rubber pipe and then a cable tie to hold it in place.
Result no more leak.
I also removed lower kick plate to see where the rubber pipe exits the car.
Again two pipes, one inside the other, and it was a loose fit, so another potential leak point.
I removed pipe from fitting, cleaned and dryed both, wrapped the smaller pipe with insulation tape to make it a snug fit, then coated this in sealant, and refitted.
I also did the off side aswell, to avoid future problems.
It's also recommended that the bottom of the pipes outside and under front wing be cut of square as they can block with dirt and this will also cause leaks.

Then ten days to dry out the carpets.
This was the worst bit.

Igorth thtitch you up.

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