How to remove the door by phenonix

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Just doing some research in case i need to do this with another issue i have on another thread but how hard is it to remove the drivers door, not the cards the whole door.
I can see 4 bolts on a hinge to the door is it just these?
Anything i need to be cautious of?

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Don't remove the bolts, the door can be removed by removing the circlips from the hinge pins then lift off the door. ;)

Dont forget to seperate the electrical connector behind the rubber grommet in the A pillar.

Ideally a two man job.

Full T4 diagnostics, options enabled and disabled p.m for details

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Don't unbolt the hinges Joe.

Dis-connect the restraining strap.

Remove the circlip(s) on the hinge pin(s)

The door can then be gently lifted off

Make sure you don't move the door too far without disconnecting the bulkhead electrical connector first.

Leaving the hinges bolted in place means that the door can be re-fitted without having to re-align things :)

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Thanks to both , I seen those clips and was going to go for them, thought I would check here first

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I would also use a jack with a bit of wood on to support the door when removing and replacing the door.

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