Highline retrofit EPIC FAILURE by Bolin

Hi all, I know nothing about ICE/electricals but have attempted to retrofit Highline sat nav today.

It does absolutely nothing!!

Pressing the buttons on the bordmonitor does nothing, the screen does not appear. The sat nav computer in the boot does have lights though.

I did things to the wiring, adding HK, diversity and changed ISO to BMW plug on the wiring loom (hope it's OK to post link to the OC):


Things to note:

1) Sat nav Computer LED (Light Emitting Diode) comes on, and the eject button lights up. It makes noises when 'woken' up, as if it is searching for a map disc.

2) I don't have a map disc, unless there is one still in the computer that refuses to come out. I don't think that there is, and this wouldn't stop the whole lot working anyway?

3) Bordmonitor button illumination does light up.

4) CD changer makes usual noises when plugged in.

5) No HK sub or amp are yet fitted - I have an amp but it is the wrong one. I thought I read that I could use a non-highline amp and it just wouldn't sound quite as good - is this correct, so I can test the system's sound without killing the non-highline amp?

6) Bordmonitor does not respond when I press the buttons, no display on screen, no 'on' light, nothing!

If anybody can help me, I would be extremely grateful!

Many thanks all, Bolin.

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It sounds like there's no video signal to the screen. Does the fan come on in the TV tuner box? Have you checked power and kbus to the TV tuner box?

Ref the amp, yes any of them will work, its just the equalisation that's different. We proved this the other day at a Nanomeet when we fitted a loline tourer part to a hiline saloon and it worked fine.

Posted 24 Jun 2012, 10:09 #2 

Hi Duncan, many thanks for your reply.

It was the video module, the plugs needed to be removed and reseated, now the bordmonitor works :clap:

Now I just need some maps as it says there is no disc in the computer (and nothing will eject so it's probably right!).

And T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) to get the trip computer working.

That's great news about the amp, I can now give it a go and see if I get sound, fingers crossed 8-)

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Have you had it on T4 to tell the car that it has highline?

Forget that last comment I see you've got it working
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Well if you get to a Nano, I'm sure someone will T4 it for you. Trip computer is a minor thing.

Those quadlock connectors can sometimes fail to engage properly. So it was probably that.

Posted 24 Jun 2012, 17:02 #5 

Cheers guys, I'm hoping to get it T4'd next time I go up north, and visit either Russ or Monk. Might not be for a few months though.

Posted 24 Jun 2012, 23:17 #6