Highline issues by RichardGarner

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Afternoon gents

The highline in the 190 is proving to be troublesome again. The original nav drive and tv module had both had a bath so a replacement drive has been put in but I've not bothererd with the tv module as it's analog. The radio did work and it would play CDs from the changer but it now doesn't. Also the satnav does work but again there is no sound. I tried it with the tv module unplugged but nothing would show up on the head unit and I've also tried it with a working radio unit borrrowed out of Alan's 190. Interestingly with Alan's radio unit it picked up radio 4 but no radio controls were displayed on the screen and it wouldnt change station or select a cd and after around 30 seconds it stopped picking up the radio and was back to square one.

Is the head unit ronnied or could there be another issue to look at? Given the state of the car when she arrived I can't help thinking the problem could be water/corrosion related. (There was 50mm water in both footwells and a tidmark in the boot!!!) :shock:

Posted 02 Jun 2012, 14:11 #1 

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The TV tuner passes the sound from the satnav through to the radio. So it could be the problem. It must be partly working or the video from the satnav wouldn't be getting through it, as you proved when you unplugged it.

Posted 02 Jun 2012, 20:33 #2