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Thanks, sounds plausible, I'll need to have another look behind there, I have so far not seen any damage to the loom or connectors. My car does not have an obvious connection between the car and audio/nav loom that I can see. There was a small flat connector containing the kbus signal coming from the audio/nav loom, no sign of damage but seems like there is no voltage present as far as I could make out there.

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It will be close to that flat connector but pretty large. It may be tucked a bit out of sight, but it will be there all the same. Can you see any black with some other colour wires twisted together? If so that's the wiring, the plug will be on those wires somewhere in that area.

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Ok I will have to dig a bit deeper next time, the loom just dissapeared into the bowels of the beast. I had to put everything back as I have some work traveling to do so will probably have another go at the weekend. One other thing was that I could not free the housing for the ashtray and cupholders as there was a small loom (not the power for the cigarette lighter) anchored to the back restricting movement. I did not want to pull to hard at it in case something broke but it made rooting around for this elusive connector more difficult.

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Well I finally got around to it again,there was a big connector but the k-bus seems to be on the small flat connector I mentioned before, at one end of connection (with the connector seperated) has a healthy 12V on it. My guess is this must be the car loom side. The other part of the connector should then connect to the HighLine loom but has a high 360K ohm impedance to the kbus at any other point of the High Line loom. There must be another connector somewhere which splits the kbus off into a number of kbus lines to connect to the various units. I think this must be where the problem lies.The kbus connection between units is good, but is not connected to the car kbus.

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