help auto dip mirror by Suffolk Man

Suffolk Man
today just for the fun of it i installed one of these the hard this i mean i changed the whole loom from the plug at the bottom of the a pillar up to all the lights.which meant lowering the roof lining.any way auto dip mirror worked fine but i had other issuesb such as the rear wash wipe packed up!so itook all the new wiring out which as i had hot glued it in place was fun .stripped out the auto dip wiring and grafted that into my loom.only x3 wires one of which is earth wich was connected up to a earth header.leaving me with just 2 wires left which are green and purple and yellow and white ihave put these in my a pillar plug.but now guess what the mirror is u/s and i have lost my lights on warning.unplug it and the lights on bit comes back.the point off this essay is does any one no which coresponding colour wires these connect up to on my car which are not the same as these as it is obvious to me i have got them in the wrong place

Posted 19 Jun 2012, 21:55 #1 

Suffolk Man
all done this how it worked.the green brown on my car which i thought was reverse is in fact green red and is a live so put the yellow white wire to that and it works with no other not have reverse tho but i can sort that out some other time by running a wire to the fuse board and putting a idc on that

Posted 20 Jun 2012, 11:07 #2