Driver's Seat Memory Switch by Chartermark

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I'm shortly getting a 'Walnut' seat side plate cover from Simon in Bulgaria.

It's what he refers to as number 45 (walnut-accessory-info-order-details-t4615.html) shows this.

Simon relates that I have to remove the memory switch, to fit this. Does anyone know, is this structure one piece, or does the memory seat cover plate alone, just clip off?

Any guidance appreciated.

Posted 11 Dec 2011, 13:00 #1 

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Memory switch is one piece, and can be taken out from the front. Fingernails or a thin screwdriver will start it off.

Once the connector is unplugged it will try to dissapear back into the hole, so tie something on so you can get it out again.

Posted 11 Dec 2011, 15:53 #2 

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Thanks once again Duncan,

Posted 11 Dec 2011, 22:46 #3