Downgrading to Windows 7 (or even Vista!) by Dave

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Another quick question if you will indulge me, as I am still trying to work out which way to go with the laptop upgrade! (and decided to pop it into a new thread in case it got missed in one of the previous two!)

The Toshiba I got a couple of days ago, the one with the awful sound, had W8 on shipping and now upgraded to W10. I have now tried to run Superbase on it, in a variety of compatibility modes, and it's no-go :( Apparently it's because W10 is 64-bit, and Superbase works on 16-bit (although current machine, which it works on, is 32-bit). So I was thinking, I have no real desire to move to W10, only doing it as current laptop is on it's last legs, so would it be possible to downgrade a new laptop to Windows 7, 32-bit, and be able to continue to use Superbase?

I am planning to send the new Toshiba laptop back and get an HP instead, which according to one review has good sound. All being well the HP would be here by Wednesday 27th, two days before the free W10 update offer expires. Now if the W7 option would work, and if I could get installation software in time (Amazon Prime?) then I could try the downgrade, and if it worked for Superbase, stick to it. However, if it didn't work, then it would give me a (very short) window to go for W10 after all...

Does all this make sense? :)

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16-bit applications (and 32-bit) will run on 32-bit operating systems, and 32-bit applications and 64-bit will run on 64-bit operating systems. But with a bit of work, you can run 16-bit application on 64-bit OSs (Look here:

Posted 23 Jul 2016, 16:44 #2