door cards gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr by timbo.p6

how do these door cards come off without braking them it seems to be stuck in the middle :hissyfit: :confused: :hissyfit:

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Blooming awkward they are :confused:

....... you need to pull hard and up I think, the large handle is kept on by super dooper brackets.... :D

see here!

...........number 10 and 11 will be the suckers that are keeping it on...... :hissyfit:

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Pull UP on the card when everything else is off, be brave :D

To refit you will need a pair of pliers to squeeze in the clips on the door to release the clips that refit to the card. Lot easier when you see it off :)
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all i want to do is fit my new super duper speakers this sucks

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go and pull it like a man you whimp :D
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just looking at rimmers prices for a door card i need a stiff drink i dont want to break it

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A firm thump from underneath the door card with the heel of the hand is all that is required :)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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This is from my Little Red Book and is compiled from various sources. If you are one of those sources, please consider this an acknowledgement of your contribution.

The instructions in the Haynes Manual are liable to cause damage to the central retaining clip.
Haynes says release all the clips around the edge of the door card. Then he says that the card is pulled away from the central clip that holds it in the middle. However, DO NOT PULL IT! The clip nearest the door lock (upper rear) may snap.

So, once all the edge clips are out, simply grasp the panel at the armrest/handle and firmly lift it vertically. Don't lift it too high or you might break the door release chrome bezel. It should come off the plastic slider behind it, leaving this on the fixed clip attached to the metal door frame. Once the card is off, you can remove the slider from the clip and remount it on the rear of the card ready for the refitting. The two central clips will need to be removed from the door structure using a pair of pliers to compress the metal spring clips and can the be refitted in the door liner. Advise caution because these clips are very sharp.

The door pins give trouble when replacing the card. Once you've removed the door card, take off the little chrome surround on the card that the door pin goes through as this widens the space for the pin and lessens the likelihood of it getting dislodged or jammed when refitting. Once you've fitted the door card you can then click the little chrome surround back in.

Door Card Clips
These usually snap when removed, so spares are almost essential.
The white ones from Xpart cost about £15 or something daft for six.
However, you can get BMW ones on ebay for pennies and fit perfectly. These are the better quality red ones (white are very brittle).


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