CD not working. by Stelad

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Evening chaps,
on the drive home from work tonight I was forced to put a CD on because of the junk on the radio! The CD wouldn't come on and "CD ERROR" was displayed. I have a Symphony head unit with a glove box multi changer. I tried to eject the CD magazine but it wouldn't come out, I could here it going through the motions though so power must still be getting to it. It's too dark to fiddle about with at the moment, has anybody come across this before?

Regards, Steven. :unionflag:

Posted 03 Jan 2011, 19:03 #1 

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This is how to unjam a CD caddy, hope this helps for starters.


Posted 03 Jan 2011, 20:37 #2 

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Cheers Mick, I'll have a go at the weekend.

Posted 04 Jan 2011, 18:20 #3