Bosal detachable towbar by Zeb

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Will a Bosal detachable towbar from a saloon fit the tourer? The bolt points all appear to be the same but I wasn't sure re the bumper and short of taking the car to bits just to see..... :?

Posted 16 Oct 2010, 11:17 #1 

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I'm not sure, but when I was researching mine, I 'heard' that the tourer one puts the towball slightly further back to clear a slightly extended bumper the tourer has. So a saloon will fit a tourer, but the ball will be too close to the bumper for comfort.

Not sure how true this is, so made sure I bought a tourer version just in case its correct.

Posted 16 Oct 2010, 17:56 #2 

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Thanks Duncan.....a bit of a shame that is.... :(

Posted 16 Oct 2010, 19:38 #3