Been done up like a kipper! by spanner5511

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Bought a 2005 Conny tourer from "Alan" near Dagenham yesterday. As far as I could tell it seemed fine, very clean and sounded nice and quiet. Drove home from London to Manchester, noticed white or blue smoke under load. Went to car today- pool of oil underneath - lots of oil around the filler cap. Now sounds like a bag of spanners.
What have I bought??? Alan doesn't appear to be answering his phone.

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PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve) filter is clogged best to changed it asap, do not drive car until you change it, at the same time I would changed the oil filter, air filter, oil, and fuel filter, also check to see if it is burning diesel.

Posted 08 Jul 2015, 00:10 #2 

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As above, the diesel lump is a sturdy beast, check the P.C.V. make sure the oil level is OK before you run the car. Hopefully no damage dome :)
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That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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I think you are right Artic. Unfortunately having driven all the way home, I think it is likely that some or all of the oil seals have blown. Any idea how I would know if they have and how big a job is it to check/replace them?


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PCV filter taken out and yes...........totally clogged up. There appears to be oil coming from under the valve cover and a tapping/knocking noise from the top of the engine. Tappet/valve follower problem or knackered valves?

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