Any advice on going self-employed? by Zeb (Page 2 of 2)

Hi Zeb ,i used to work full time for BT and part time for myself.I allways had too much part time work so then went full time for myself.Then didn't have enough work.So then i picked up regular sub contract work and had the best of both worlds.
If you could pick a couple of days sub contrating,it will help your cash flow.You could try disability agencies,ie fitting hand rails etc.

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Oh, I almost forgot, you'll need one of these to carry all you tools :D


They didn't do a V8 though 8-)

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Bermudan 75
Going self employed can sound like, 'I want to run my own pub'. Both should only be undertaken only after serious consideration of the pro's and con's.

I myself went self employed back in 2006, it was not my choice really, circumstances dictated that that was my only option.

It has been a unmitigated disaster, but hey, that's life.


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