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The car is a 2004 Facelift Connie SE. I get a " Humming / Slight Whistling " noise, which seems to be coming from the central air vent area. This only starts when the car reaches 65 to 70 mph. Sometimes a bit lower when there is a strong headwind. Any alteration to the air or vent settings make no difference.

It is driving me nuts !!!!

Anybody got any ideas as where to start looking. ??


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I heard it today in my 75. When I put pressure under the black top of the dash, it stopped. Its was vibrating. I'm sure someone on the 75/MG site said they placed a little piece of padding somewhere and it never happened again. Might not be the same problem but I only heard it from 60 mph.

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May be we need to tighten some old screws somewhere. Lol

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I've got something like this on the 260, when the blower is on there is a definite rustling, nowhere near as quiet as the cdti ?

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I think I have located the culprit. I went to do my monthly " Plenen " check and on removing the passenger side outer grill ( under the bonnet ) I found it was badly cracked. Also the inboard fixing clip was broken. Off to the scrap yard for a replacement and made sure it was fitted correctly. Took the car onto the M8 and up to 70mph with no noise . Then up to 80 for a short belt and still no noise. So here's hoping this is the fault.
Thanks to all for advice. Forum is great for assistance.
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And thanks for the feedback will commit your cure to the memory banks for future retrieval
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