A very new Rover owner by Jeffrey

Hi, I am in Australia and have just purchased a 2003 75 Club Tourer with 150,000 kms. Quite impressed so far as I have owned a Volvo for 5 plus years. Only issue is traction control light is on but I see it is a common problem. Also suspect a water leak from the thermostat, is that a big job ? Looking forward to making some contacts as i am just starting my Rover journey and would like to get another 100,000kms from my tourer. Cheers Jeffrey, Queensland Australia.

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Hi Jeffrey and welcome to ownership ! There are other owners in Australia but its a big country so I guess you wont be meeting up !

Take off the engine cover and look with a torch into the V of the engine to see if you have water in there, in which case it probably is the stat, other info to search for on here re the subject
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Hi Jeffrey, Welcome
As said check in the V for signs of leakage It is important you check the water level regularly
also check the fan for operation on low speed, both important for the longevity of the engine :)
Anything else, ask away :D
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Thank you for your replies, checked the V, could not see any water but will keep a close eye on the water level. A question about the remote keys, both of mine completely gone so assume the only way is complete replacement. Is that a difficult/expensive process to get new programmed keys? Thanks for any advice. Regards Jeffrey

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