2 jobs done and a couple of tips . . . by Tourerfogey

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As my handbrake only just scraped through the MOT last year with an 'advisory' I thought, as the MOT is due again in a couple of weeks, I'd better do something about it. The problem of course, was the usual excess travel even though it was fully adjusted so after reading the guide elswhere on here I decided it was the compensator that needed replacing.

Just a couple of tips that I would add to the guide.

As I was only raising the rear of the centre console rather than removing it completely I found that rather than removing the screws in the side of the centre console that are down between the console and the side of the front seats it was easier to remove the two small bolts that hold the same bracket to the top of the transmission tunnel - these are much more accessible.

Also, I found it easier to remove the inside of the arm rest box for further access to the handbrake mechanism.

Oh, and the other job I did was to fit the orange clip to the fuel filter seeing as I had the back seat out anyway - the clip has been in my garage for about 18 months!

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Top tip on the bolts, like all the best good ideas, simple :)
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