Those ########!! who call 999 for a kebab/keys/...........should be made to pay the call out cost.RANT OVER!!!!We should not pander to them!!!!

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They can be prosecuted you know mate. I can tell you that a very dim view is taken of such actions, whether it be malicious or stupidity.

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Not enough is done to prevent idiots doing this sort of thing, Considering that the Police have the means to find your address etc, they should prosecute mercilesly.

Same goes for stupid 999 Calls for things like Bunions, Corns, Backache and Hangovers etc. Should be an instant £1,000 Fine. Make them think twice before calling the 999 Number again. Tina said they told her at Work that each callout costs an average of £550 (For an Ambulance) not too mention the risk to other genuine People who may need that Emerganecy service at that time.

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I'm sure the control rooms do a very good job of whittling down the genuine requests from those who perhaps might perhaps (intentionally or otherwise) be misusing the system. Unfortunately though, the system isn't infallible and calls do get filed through for attention of the emergency services.

Where I come from, if anyone wastes police time they are dealt with accordingly and if they should repeat said time-wasting then a summons may be dropping through their letter box.

I should add that the use of the 101 number is to reduce the number of these types of daft phone calls to the 999 service. Hopefully the 101 number will stick in peoples minds better than longer 13 or 14 digit local numbers for area control rooms. Certainly makes it easier to dial I can tell you ;)

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Our son bless him was forever dialling 999 when he was growing up.
We ended up having to move the phones so he couldn't reach them or hiding them.
He also manaaaged to dial them from the nursery a couple of times.
Some of the toys he had didn't help. Fortunately we never had anyone dispatched to us but we went through a stage where you couldn't take your eyes of him near a telephone.

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