Who is to blame? by PaulT

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Always find things like this interesting:


Here the rail company is being blamed - but who dropped the litter and if there are fleas, took them on the train.

Many years ago was involved with a Classic Car club and manned the stands at various events. If you went over to the lavatories at the NEC just before the public came in they were spotless. Go over half an hour after they came in and they were in a terrible state - do not think it was the NEC who messed them up.

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I'd say that the public (well, not all of the public, but the ones that clearly don't care and live like animals **) are certainly to blame. It's just like your analogy - if they didn't drop their litter, food etc, then there'd be no mess, plus £30m to spend on something more important!

I'm sure that local councils are spending huge amounts on clearing up too. On the rare occasion when I have to walk beside one of our local trunk roads, the amount of litter in the edge is appalling.... :(

** Actually, that's demeaning to animals. Our dogs are much cleaner than this!

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You should the state of the buses in Birmingham. Some of them are cleaned several times a day and you'd never know. Some of the stuff I have had on my bus is stomach turning.

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Borg Warner
When I was on the tools as a sparky many years ago some houses I went in you would wipe your feet as you came out. The things I saw, some quite disturbing. Humans....

Gary M.

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You should see the state of some of the toilets at airports and on planes, after the public have used them,
you can't accidently wipe sh1t over the walls!

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