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I am an advocate of 20 MPH speed limits in towns because I believe that it gives all road users more time to react.

However, I wasn't aware that
the risk of mortality from a car collision isn't just linear – it accelerates significantly after 20mph.

The proffered explanation makes sense I suppose, with the human skull being equipped to withstand impacts at the 'maximum design speed'

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Interesting hypothesis that

The explanation is that the human skull has evolved to withstand impacts up to around 20mph because that's about as fast as a human can run into something.

Might be true, but surely it's possible that evolution should also take account of how fast a human skull can fall against something or have something else (herd of wildebeest?) run into it?!

Posted 02 Jan 2013, 15:57 #2 

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Well I'm fairly safe, we dont get herds of wildebeest round here. :) innit...

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