We must all share the pain... by raistlin

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... but some of us a bit lees than others, it seems:-


Ministers:- "Gesture Politics"

MPs :- "Go to hell"

Now doesn't that just ring SO true :(

"We get paid peanuts" (£69000 plus double that in expenses)

The junior members of my staff earn approximately £13000 and work damned hard for it. I wonder what our poorly paid MP would make of that sort of salary.

I wish I was on a poorly paid MP's salary... and let's not even contemplate their expenses.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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I bet Cameron is going to volunteer to take a cut to show leadership - (whilst fondling that BSkyB-F1 wad in his back pocket).

The cuts are coming thick and fast now the budget ballzup panic is beginning to bite.
Anyone got any election campaign clips they want to share so we can tick off the promises. Oops! spelt cross with a t...and an i...oh and a c and a k....

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Plus most of the MPs have directorships and / or consulatncies etc so they do not just have the job of MP and no doubt being an MP helps secure them additional employment.

Plus, if they do not like the terms and conditions then they should look for another job.

Often wonder with some of the debates when there are half a dozen of them in the chamber is that a waste - I do not want 6 MPS deciding something that 650 should.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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...or in fact any MP's.

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