Was I right or wot? by raistlin

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Some of us knew this would happen :(


This story doesn't tell the half of it either.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Come, come now the Government has contingency plans in place. It has put legislation in place enabling it to requisition and boating lake craft.

I note that they are in a quandry as to the type of US plane to buy and a present change of mind means more money.

Have signs been erectd saying 'please do not invade until we are ready'.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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I believe we've just placed a large order in India (coz its cheaper to produce there than here :-( ) for a very large white flag :-(

Might as well leave the Falklanders to trust to luck....... oh hang on... :-(
Despite the high cost of living its still proving popular.

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Search and rescue personell have been seen boarding Budgetair flights with powerful binoculars off ebay.

Maybe it's a similar arrangement they're going to use.

Posted 10 Apr 2012, 23:57 #4 

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I heard they had approached "three men in a boat" with a view to encourage them to travel a bit further offshore in the next series... :D

Posted 12 Apr 2012, 02:05 #5 

The trouble with that is from such a distance they appear to be only one.

Posted 12 Apr 2012, 11:39 #6 

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One man in a boat sounds sufficient to me.

Posted 12 Apr 2012, 15:48 #7 

Oh no! Someone saw through it! Thought I'd got away with that.

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