Venezuela anybody? by Mick

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Posted 30 Jan 2013, 11:33 #1 

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Borg Warner
You beat me to it.

We could be worse off by the looks of it, also a lot better.

Posted 30 Jan 2013, 12:05 #2 

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Borg Warner
Or Luxembourg for wages?

Posted 30 Jan 2013, 12:09 #3 

To fill your tank you pay: £89.05
You pay £1.92 less than average in your country
Without tax, you would only pay £37.05!!!!

Yep, Good old Government Taxes..........£52 a Tank

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Don't know what you're complaining about ...
OFT says UK petrol market is working well :whump:


Posted 30 Jan 2013, 22:48 #5