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Went to a lecture by the Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire and one of the speakers mentioned TSR2 and there was much wailing. In fact the speaker claimed that if it had gone ahead it would now be on Mk29 and still be the best in the world.

Wiki gives a less than rose coloured view (and I know that you cannot always trust Wiki) of weight and costs rising and with the weight rising it could not achieve what it was designed for.

My only real memory is of it being cancelled and a lot of anger.

Any views from our aviation buffs?

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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I worked on the design and development of various control valves for TSR2 and Concorde. There was a genuine gasp of despair and disbelief from the industry on the news that the TSR2 was cancelled.In my opinion the greater loss was in the morale and confidence to our aircraft industry as I remember many good engineers were lost from this country.
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