Tour De France/NBC coverage by Dave

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I'm not an avid sports watcher by any stretch of the imagination, but one event I usually like to see is the Tour De France. I've watched it on and off since the 90's, missing a few years in between but picking it back up around three years ago

I'm not bothered about other cycling on TV, and think I like the TDF as a combination of the race, the scenery, the enthusiasm of the crowds, and the commentary, by Phil Liggett who has been doing it as long as I can remember.

Except this year, he isn't.... :shock:

Well, turns out he is, along with time served sidekick, Paul Sherwen, but it's only on NBC. Apparently this has always been the case and ITV have always bought in the video and commentary together, but have decided this year to have their own commentators! So now it's Ned Boulting (who last year did little pieces to camera) and David Millar, ex-pro cyclist. The former is likeable enough but not engaging as a commentator, and the latter is the audible equivalent of drying paint.

I've tried to watch it, but without Phil Liggett's enthusiasm (and mistakes, and mispronunciations) I'm asleep in 10 minutes. I've also tried to find a way to get NBC either on my TV or PC, but have so far drawn a blank! Does anyone know if this is possible?

Posted 11 Jul 2016, 14:48 #1