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So - how do you reduce the gun problem?

Easy - get more guns into schools.

Hey - at least that way you get to have proper gunfights rather than massacres.

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Posted 21 Dec 2012, 18:46 #1 

“the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”.

To be honest, I think that is a fairly logical comment. Sadly, even with Gun laws people will carry Guns. It happens here, though not as often admittedly. A Baton and Pepper Spray is pointless against a Firearm, so is good manners and talking.

I do not agree with, nor like Americas love of the old Shooter, but, when met with a problem, sometimes the simplest answer is most effective. Had there been an Armed Guard, this chap might not have killed the 20 Children and 6 Adults.

The main issue here is, that America loves the Gun, Really love it, beyond normality. I dare you to go read some of their Firearm Owner Forums, some of it is very scary reading.

At one point, the press conference was shown a brief clip of an internet game called “Kindergarten Killers”, where the user shoots at animated children.

Whilst I don't 100% agree with Video Games being linked to Violence, as not everyone is numb brained enough not to seperate reality and fantasy, I have played violent games but never felt the need to enact them in the real world, I have to agree with this comment too. I have heard of and seen a clip of this sick, twisted evil game. It is banned pretty much everywhere except the good ole U.S of A.

Other fantastic unbanned U.S Games include one where you get to choose and then rape a Female Victim (Why?) This game is so sick, you even get to 'dress' the victim and design Hair colour etc beforehand, Bludgeon people to death with Weapons of your choice, such as Hammers, Baseball Bats etc. Also a Road Killing game where you get to drive around, mow someone down "get out your car and finish them off". Sounds too scary to be true, but these are.............

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Posted 22 Dec 2012, 07:59 #2