The Longest Day by Borg Warner

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Borg Warner
Was on fairly recently, missed it this time but an excellent film, which I hope they never remake. I never realised that the scene at St Mere L'Eglise was not the usual Hollywood hype:

and from Google Maps: ... 60!6m1!1e1

The town folk keep a copy of the guy's 'chute as well as an effigy of him.


Gary M.

Posted 14 Jul 2015, 17:18 #1 

The French are usually remembered as throwing their hands up and surrendering when the Germans invaded. However, there are many memorials to the Resistance who fought gallantly but at times were betrayed by their countrymen.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 14 Jul 2015, 20:03 #2 

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Although I have visited the Normandy beaches many times over the years, it was only earlier this year that I went to St Mere Eglise to see the church and the replica 'chute hanging from the steeple. A very memorable visit.
From all accounts the film was relatively accurate.
I have also met and had conversations with Mme Gondrand of the Cafe Gondree family at Pegasus bridge which features prominently in the film as the first place to be liberated by Lord Lovatts troops. I believe that she is the daughter of one of the British troops that subsequently married the daughter of the owners of the cafe at the time of the invasion. So interesting as this all happened in my lifetime. I never tire of the whole area.
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