The hat would have saved him by PaulT

On BBC Internet News there is a story about an electrician falling from the 53rd floor of a construction site and dying. The company said:

'Officials from the construction company said the man was not supposed to be above the third floor and had removed his hardhat'

So presumably the company think he would have survived if he had been wearing his hat - they make them strong in the US

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 18 Mar 2016, 07:02 #1 

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Borg Warner
Thought exactly the same? The article implied no hat was significant somehow.

Poor chap though, as well as the driver of the car he landed on. How traumatic was that?

Posted 18 Mar 2016, 21:18 #2 

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To heck with the hat at that height. They would be better if they supplied parachutes.

Posted 28 Mar 2016, 18:42 #3