The greatest science fiction film ever is back in the cinema by Bolin

OK, I'm not opening up a debate on what you think the greatest science fiction film ever is, for this thread just accept that it is 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Back in cinemas as it has been re-released by the British Film Institute. Limited locations and screening times though, and my nearest showing was getting booked up quickly when I reserved tickets on Sunday. The list of cinemas where it is being screened is here:

See it whilst you can, you are not likely to see it on a big screen if you miss this opportunity. :)

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The seminal big-budget sci-fi movie in my view. I agree it has to be seen in big screen at least once :) The efects, pre-CGI, were phenomenal.

Overall, this movie rates joint first position with Solaris, in my collection :) I refer, of course, to the 1972 version of Solaris.

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Bolin wrote:OK, I'm not opening up a debate

Oh yeah.

Bolin wrote:just accept that it is 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I will never live long enough :lol:
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Well I saw it last Tuesday. It had been moved from one of the smaller screens (number 7 originally) to Screen 2. And there was not a spare seat anywhere.

There was a mix of ages, but noticeably more older men than you normally see at the cinema, and what looked like older dads with their middle-aged sons I think.

The showing included the original Overture at the beginning and an Intermission, there was even one of the staff selling snacks from a small trolly during that. Never seen that in the cinema, but then I have only ever seen one other film with an intermission (third Lord of the Rings film).

The film was stunning on a big screen. The Discovery looked amazing in 'full size' :) And the trip at the end was even more spectacular.

Really glad I got to see this, there were only 2 showings within reasonable distance (although at 2 different cinemas at the same time, so 4 shwoings in total). The opportunity not wasted and was greatly enjoyed :)

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