The cause is angry when there is a response by PaulT

It amazes me the comment in the last sentence of:

I dare say a lot of people were angry with him - he was the one who set off the alarm. Perhaps if it was in the US the helicopter would have been blasted out of the sky

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He added: "Our pilot was just in shock. He was quite angry and when we landed he went off to find out why it had happened."

I would be very concerned if any Pilot of an Aircraft I was a passenger in, did not know he / she had sent a distress signal

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I'm not entirely sure that I accept this story prima facie.

A pinch of salt springs to mind ;)

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....and why would the fact that the helicopter being ex-military made it safer? The RAF fly ex-cilivian VC10s so that therefore makes them less safe? The pilot is just making a smokescreen for his own negligence.

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