Synchronised nodding dogs by Raistlin

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Ed Balls seems to have a pair of synchronised nodding dogs behind and to either side of him.

I wonder if their puppet strings are joined?

I understand they will be auditioning for the new Churchill Insurance commercial.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 06 Dec 2012, 20:42 #1 

"People on minimum wage will have seen their tax bill halved"??????

Where? I haven't?

Today on Radio 2, these muppets (osbourne and Balls) where discussing the joke that is our deficit. Both parties spent more time blaming each other than owning up to the enormous cock up that is our national debt.

Typical politics, schoolyard behaviour at the expense of us paupers that are the key element to funding their retirement funds.......... Hang em all - The traitors, they have no respect for Britain.

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Posted 07 Dec 2012, 00:59 #2