Starting all over again !! by goodlittlewifey

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I didnt expect to be doing school runs,and homework again at my age,:).
We now have 3 little grandkids living with us for a while, mums had a breakdown,they are 9yrs old,7 yrs old,and 6 yrs old, a bit of a shock to the system,going out at 8,30am in the morning, freezing cold,yuck,then kiddy arguments, he said ,she said,thought my times of being a referee were past, :)

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Oh dear, very sorry to hear your daughter is in trouble. I sincerely hope it's not too long before she recovers.
How lucky the children are that that have you as a backstop. Goodness knows what would have been without you.

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we,re expecting to have them,for a 12 month period,but if we hadnt took them,they would of ended up with foster parents,so to be fair,we didnt have much of a choice xx

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Enjoy them, they will bring back your youth!
"Keep Smilin'"

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Well done for steppping in. No doubt that has relieved some of the pressure on your daughter so hopefully will help her recovery.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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