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I am totally pissed off with the sheer number of spam emails I get telling me that my account has been suspended with banks/building societies/companies etc that I have never ever dealt with and that all I have to do is 'click the link below . . etc..etc..etc.

What I want to know is this - Is there any danger in just replying to the email along the lines of 'Piss off you arsehole parasites' (other than to confirm my email address exists) ?? I know it won't actually make any real difference but boy, it would make me feel better.

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I strongly suspect all you would doo is piss off another person, as the reply address will not go to the originators of the scam. Only the link is a target.

You could put a load of fake data in the link, and waste their time trying to make it work on a ficticious account, however the link could also if set up right, confirm your email.

But like you say, it will make no difference to them.

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I have just had a call from Microsoft about my Windows licence and because I would not co-operate they have told me that my licance will be cancelled so this might be my last posting!

Firstly an Indian woman informing me that there was something wrong with my Windows licence and that they were calling from Microsoft. I was then put over to an Indian gent who assured me he was phoning from Microsoft Windows licence office in London.

Strung along for a long time - all the time I kept them on the phone they would not scam someone else - and then called him a criminal working for a criminal organisation. He was so persistent. It went on for ages. He even told me I was talking bullshit. Eventually the woman came on the line was abusive and told me that my licence would be cancelled.

TF agree with Duncan your reply will not go to those responsible - they just want you to click on the link to the bogus website.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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There are only two ways to deal with this. IMHO. I use the first method, which deals with 95% of spam. I'm down to maybe one a day, if that.
Set up rules to auto delete any spam emails, that way you will eventually stop seeing most of them.
Or change your email address. Not as troublesome as it sounds, a mass email to all in your address book usually sorts this out, plus changing it on any institutions site, such as your bank, this forum etc. If you rely on a website for new email traffic then change it there as well.

I know I'm teaching granny to suck eggs here but somebody may benefit from above info.

Either way it is a pain in the fundament.

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