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...WILL GCHQ act against those who operate against the National Interest when they can read the evidence in their emails..? If so, will it include those in power who continually sell us down the river....if 'they' want to watch 'us', then 'they' have to expect to be scrutinised to the same degree...

Posted 01 Apr 2012, 10:00 #1 

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This looks very much much like rubber stamping something I believe already happens. Who will watch the watchers? Who knows.

Posted 01 Apr 2012, 10:14 #2 

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Exactly Zeb, bunch of traitors at the 'controls'. There were conditions granted with their 'leadership' and they centred around protecting our interests and sovereignty (I hope that doesn't offend any states from the gulf).
I suspect this is one of their worries following the events of last year when 'the people' rebelled.
They only need us come cross writing time. They will say any old tripe to get that cross.
This obviously ties in with the reduced and selective educational standards.. no more of those studenty scenes from the 1960's.
....not to mention all the fiddling with conditions that were intended to be set in stone to keep them under control . Successive governments have swept those conditions aside (on paper, effectively, should the people continue to accept their legitimacy). This probably contributes to their paranoia, particularly following the 'rioting' last year. I bet they thought now had come. It did demonstrate to them the systems fragility.
Now the bud nipping excercise.

Posted 01 Apr 2012, 11:48 #3