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I have just had a very annoying telephone conversation with Sky while trying to cancel my subscription. First of all, I would consider, due to my working experiences in various countries, that I can understand accents quite well but I just cannot get my ears around the West Lothian variety so everything had to be repeated over and over. The person on the other end of the line started by interrogating me over the reasons why and purported not to understand why I had come to the conclusion that I no longer wanted it as I had been with them for some years. She then tried to sell me another package and then another interrogation until I said for the third or fourth time "Please, for heavens sake, just cancel it." 'Hold on for a moment' was the reply and after 22 minutes on the phone I have given up. I will just stop the payments and see what happens. :hissyfit:
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Posted 28 Jul 2014, 15:16 #1 

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Sounds like a good case for Scotland to be ejected from the UK.......

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I cancelled sky last year and keep getting calls to try and get me back even had a call trying to sell me insurance on equipment no longer fitted. I'm sure they just don't listen. Had the same problem folks trying to sell me a new mobile phone and I only want the sim. Glad to say both sorted now but i'm sure I will still get more calls.

Posted 31 Jul 2014, 20:27 #3 

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Unfortunately, cancelling the payments is a bad idea. They chase you for payment and add loads of fees. Can I suggest calling them again, and insisting you talk to a supervisor. Either that or write to them formally cancelling the subscription, by recorded letter.

Frustrating I know, but that's what they rely on I'm afraid.

Perhaps answering every question with: 'I want to cancel my subscription. I want to cancel my subscription. I want to.....' will work. If that doesn't, ask them why they are refusing to cancel your subscription, and tell them you will take them to court for failing to cancel it when requested.

Posted 31 Jul 2014, 20:44 #4 

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You can also cancel on the internet at but might have to register to do.
They also require 30 days notice so they get another months money out of you.
Please, as said, don't stop payments, they take you to Court very quickly if you don't follow their rules, I'm afraid, it gets quite expensive to.

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I cancelled via the internet
But had to give 30 days notice.

Posted 02 Aug 2014, 21:58 #6