Shopping online is an absolute minefield by Raistlin

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Some online retailers are just taking the pi$$.

I've just placed an order for an item which is to be sent from Walsall, some five miles from where I live. The item in question is packed in a box no bigger than a cigarette packet.

When I got to the delivery page on their website I saw that standard delivery is £2.99.

Then I saw this:-

"Delivery by Christmas is not guaranteed if choosing standard delivery. To insure (sic) delivery in time for Christmas please use our expedited delivery service."

Expedited delivery is £21.99

As far as I'm aware, even the Post Office "excuses r us" don't suggest a delivery distance of five miles or so will take a month.

As I said. Taking the....

Buying online is like swimming in shark infested custard :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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