Roewwweeeeooooer or whatever . . by Tourerfogey

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. . .it's called - what happened to the 75 reincarnation that was supposed to be coming to these shores then? Have they seen sense and given up?

Posted 10 Mar 2012, 13:12 #1 

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IIRC it's pronounced 'wrong way' ... :mrgreen:

Given up? No, somewhere I've read about a facelift of the 750. :confused:

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Posted 10 Mar 2012, 13:55 #2 

I think when the 75 went to China that was it for the car over hear. I dont think there was ever any plans yo bring it back. But alot was going on at the time SAIC bought the stuff.from Rover and shafted them at the last min and NAC bought what was left and started the current MG company but then SAIC anf NAC joined together.

I think at best we have the 6, but a lack of dealers is the issue my nearest one is 60 miles away. Where as my local Rover one was 1.8 miles away and another two within 7 miles.

Posted 10 Mar 2012, 14:20 #3 

Also dont forget the Rover name is now owned by Jag/Land Rover and there owner TATA so they could only start a new one or continue with MG.

Plus Rover is still tarred with the same old bad brush in the UK by idiots who have never owned or driven one.

Posted 10 Mar 2012, 14:23 #4 

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Why doesn't Roewe face-lift their 750 into what was meant to be the Rover 55, carry on from where Rover left off.

What a beauty the Rover 55 Pics are, I would luv to own one for sure.............. :clap:

Posted 10 Mar 2012, 21:32 #5 

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The 55 looks great. I can imagine lusting after one, assuming the interior lived up to the promise of the exterior.

Posted 11 Mar 2012, 18:24 #6 

for what it is worth when I was on holiday in china last year we went to a MG showroom for a looksee. Only 2 75 shapes, a 1.8 and a 2.6 top of range limo if I bought the limo they were giving a MG3 for free!. I think thay trying to move stock out for the new shape next month. also via our guide/translater our driver pronounced Roweo as ru-a or ru-way

Posted 13 Mar 2012, 01:17 #7