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Dave Goody
I'm in the market to replace our old white aluminium double glazing with UPVC. Does anyone know if you can get coloured UPVC windows? Looking on line all manufacturers seem to offer a service where the windows are painted as opposed to being moulded in a colour. I specifically want a light green as our cottage is quite old but as the painted UPVC finishes are only guaranteed for 5-10 years I would prefer a built in colour. Anyone know if this is possible? Cheers Dave

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Give this a looky Dave ;)

I spent some time a few years back manufacturing upvc windows & doors for schools & we frequently made them in various colours of the customers choice, some manufacturers make the profile with the colour in the upvc & others use a film (foil) which is the same as what rosewood & light oak upvc frames are wrapped in
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Dave Goody
Thanks for that Cockaa but I think these are painted as well? I can't find a company that actually has the colour in the moulding? When they say colours most mean white or various woodgrain, others a sort of stick on tranfer or a paint finish.

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We use to use Rehau for our profile suppliers & they gave a 10yr guarantee with any of their upvc profile colours.
I think it is common practice to use this system in this day & age, i never knew of any other company offering more than a 10yr warranty on their products.
Plasmo is another good manufacturer but their colours are pretty standard, I would recommend the Rehau profile over any other manufacturer personally Dave.
Not sure if it really helps answer your question though :(
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Dave Goody
Thanks for that Cockaa, Is there a reason that coloured pigments can't be used in UPVC? I'm just a bit worried that the paint or other finishes after 10 years are going to require a lot of expense to replace? after all UPVC is basically a product that requires no maintenance and I'm thinking that a painted/coloured UPVC product could be more costly to maintain than painted wood?

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They were coloured in the early days with a dye whilst the profile was cast during manufacturing but as you mentioned the problems with pigmentation & fading led the companys to look for a longer lasting & more durable solution, hence the foil coatings & the plastic paint coatings. Unsure of the methods used nowadays but i can only imagine they work better than the originals did Dave. I have seen them re-coated on premises in situ but not aware of the expense off hand. I could ask some questions to our suppliers who we use now & see what they come back with, worth a shot i guess ;)
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When we had some wood coloured ones a while back, one thing was recommended. Some companies put the 'foil' on top of white PVC. While the foil is pretty long lasting, if you scratch or nick it deeply enough the white shows through, whereas if it's a similar colour underneath, it doesn't. So we made sure the plastic was a brownish colour, but the actual finish was the foil so it didn't fade.

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Dave Goody
Thanks for the info everybody, i have seen a cottage similiar to ours, walls painted cream with pale green UPVC windows it looks lovely, these were apparently painted, I will call around and find out a bit more from the owner, if anyone has any recommendations re manufacturer [I am looking at Cockaas suggestion for Rehau] but would prefer someone local if possible, [Essex. Herts area] Dave

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Check here for the installers they recommend Dave ;) ... nstallers/
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Dave Goody
Thanks for that Nigel, I will contact a couple of these, Dave

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