Re-springing chairs by Raistlin

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Anybody a dab hand at upholstery please?

I have some broken zig-zag chair springs to replace and I'm wondering how to get them disengaged from the fittings at either end.

I was hoping to replace them from beneath so as not to require the upholstery to be disturbed but the one I've just tried to dis-engage from its fitting seems reluctant to part company.

Grateful for any info please.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 09 May 2013, 18:00 #1 

I've just done my armchair for the second time. After removing the staples from the under-chair membrane the zig-zag springs are exposed. Two had snapped at the mid point. The first time I re-soldered the ends together and reinforced it with several wraps of fence wire around the joined link and the next link either side. Eventually the solders gave way (needs welding really) so the
wire reinforcing was doubled and has held to date. The fixed ends of the springs were sku-screwed
into the lower rails by three screws in each bracket and the brackets had locating bare teeth to give extra grip on their fixing rail - pigs to remove but brute force came to the rescue. Used heavier screws when replacing. The alternative is replacement springs from an upholsterer which are rare and costly.

Posted 09 May 2013, 19:51 #2