Out of the mouths... by raistlin

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... of babes and sucklings.

One of my colleagues at work was telling us about his next door neighbours this morning. A young family. Sadly, the Mum has cancer and has just finished her first batch of chemotherapy. Her hair having fallen out she is to be seen wearing a headscarf.

Their eight year old daughter was apparently wandering around the house with a tea-towel on her head yesterday evening and when asked why, she said that she wanted to feel what it was like to have cancer like Mummy.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 11 Jun 2014, 17:52 #1 

That's the problem with getting old. And the world at large. We forget what the world looks like throught eyes of a child.

Posted 11 Jun 2014, 18:03 #2 

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The innocence of a small child. :) Hope she never has to find out or that the panacea is available by the time she has grown up.

Posted 11 Jun 2014, 18:35 #3 

A cruel disease and the possibility of will it cure and will it come back and also how will the daughter will fare.

Perhaps Gail Porter was brave and sensible by not covering her bald head.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 11 Jun 2014, 20:23 #4