One for the Navalists by Borg Warner

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Borg Warner
Tonight on Channel 4 there's this: ... k-hms-hood

Not sure if it's a re-run but possibly a good insight it how strategists get it wrong big time. This is also a good site:

Posted 09 Dec 2012, 09:17 #1 

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Just watched it. Certainly an interesting story.

Posted 09 Dec 2012, 22:06 #2 

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Borg Warner
I had a (distant) relative on board when she was lost, I've numerous books on her and am collecting a weekly build of a model which when complete should be around a metre in length. Goodness knows where I'll place her?

Sadly nothing really new, it's well documented that a shell pierced her woefully thin, 3 inches, of deck armour above one of the magazines and the ensuing explosion tore forward and ignited the forward magazines, hence the two explosions. Also the second so called question was answered when she was originally found; Adm Holland had already started to turn to port so he could engage with his aft X and Y turrets. One of the reasons he left it so late to turn, it is believed, was so he could close the range, thereby reducing the risk of plunging shell fire. Hoods's side armour was more comparable with Bismark's.

Battle cruisers - akin to a boxer with a glass jaw.

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Dave Goody
we didn't learn very quickly as we then started armouring with aluminium, and we know what happened then in the Falklands war!

Posted 10 Dec 2012, 17:03 #4 

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Borg Warner
Aluminium for the ships and Nylon clothing for the crew I believe?

Posted 14 Dec 2012, 18:32 #5