One for the business people amongst us. by Borg Warner

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Borg Warner
Whilst out walking the dog I go past a van which advertises vehicle re-trimming in leather, including fitting of heated seats, based locally. So got to thinking, dangerous I know, about having the headrests on the ZT re-trimmed but with the MG logo embossed on the rear. I seem to recall from somewhere early 75s having the Rover logo on them(?). Also as I don't have the rear seat pockets thought these could be added.

Anyway sent an email as an enquiry, and an answer came back that they can't do the seat pockets, neither can they do the headrests as, and I quote, "would not be able to match the existing leather". Mmmm. Surely it's up to me whether they match or not? More inclined to think that it is too small a job for them. So my question to the business community amongst us; how small a job is too small for you?

I did actually have some thoughts on having it re-trimmed in a rather stunning red, there was one for sale recently with exactly what I had in mind. So for not wanting a small job should I decided to go for it, it wont be with him.

Gary M.

Posted 11 Mar 2014, 22:10 #1 

Heard a story the other day about someone I know who had to borrow money from his FIL so as to pay something on his mortgage that he was behind on. Work was in short supply - he is a kitchen fitter and will only accept work if the client wants a top spec installation so turns away work for low spec kitchens and because few people want high spec jobs at present he has not been able to pay the mortgage.

Sensible eh!

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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